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Join our incubation program and take your business to the next level.
South African’s love to shout about the value of small and medium size business and enterprise – it is the future of the economy and the way to combat unemployment. Hundreds of millions of Rands it put towards it…and yet the small business on the ground complains that there is no money and no support. There is a large gap between small business and the funds available. Let’s look:

* businesses do not have their books in order
* businesses have not done due diligence
* businesses have no plan, strategy or business model
* businesses are not clear on who their customer is
* business do not understand cash flow
* businesses cannot clearly express themselves and the business needs

If this is YOU, then you need to join our BE BIZ-FIT: GET FUNDING READY incubation program. Whether you need funding or not you can see that having the above in order, will take you to the next level.